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Financial Advisors in the UK offering Independent, Practical & Result-Driven Advice to Build a Robust Finance for Companies.

Exponentially improve, turnaround or grow your corporate finances through our practical, result-driven financial consulting which has helped myriad of companies transform their fortunes.

Financial Advisors in the UK

What We do

Fedibank is Financial Advisors in the UK focused on large and mid-market companies, and is positioned to work in conjunction with clients’ existing advisers. Our aim is to offer clients a hands-on, personalized service.

About FediBank

FediBank Corporate Broking

Fedibank is a Financial Advisors in the UK. Our network of contacts means that we are well-positioned to act as a bridge between companies and investors.

We help our clients both to build a base of long-term, supportive shareholders and to communicate effectively with investors.

We provide companies with market insight into how best to position their investment case. Our clients trust us to provide unbiased advice to support key corporate actions and decision-making.


FediBank Corporate Finance

We provide expert advice to both private and public individuals and companies in order to help them achieve their growth ambitions.

Fedibank offers independent advice on fund recovery, structuring and execution, covering a wide range of applications and complexities. The team can also advise on corporate, technical and regulatory matters, helping clients to navigate the most appropriate path.

Fedibank Services
Financial Advisors in the UK

FediBank Research Development

Our research is focused on delivering clarity, setting context and establishing value for the companies we represent. Clarity requires succinct, insightful description. 

Context encompasses both the market opportunity and competitive position. Valuation brings together an approach based on detailed financial modelling and awareness of peer group benchmarks. If the result is a well-defined message, then research has played its part.

Why Work with FediBank?

Independent Financial Advice That Get results

We deliver sustainable results, focusing on strategic decisions and practical
actions tailored to your unique reality.​  

Decades of Experience

We bring on board our decades of experience to help with your corporate finance and capital brokerage.

Independent Brokers

We are wholly owned and seek to devoid conflict of interest from capital operations, offering trusted servcie.

Wide network of capital

We connect you to a wide network of equity and debt capital providers in the UK, Europe and Asia.

Customer-Centric Service
Fedibank was established by its founding partners to provide independent advice to companies.

We pride ourselves on our wholly independent approach and extensive experience in the large and mid-cap sector. The team has worked together for more than 12 years and offers a broad range of skills in corporate finance, corporate broking, M&A and private equity.

Our independence, which is devoid of the conflicts of interest that we believe can affect decisions of many brokers, allows us to provide more effective strategies to accessing pools of capital. We have a wide-ranging network of capital and debt providers, with our network covering the UK, Europe and Asia.

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